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Thank you for introducing me to the ENAJ product line. Finally there is a healthy skin care line that makes a wonderful difference in my skin.  I love the fact that it is botanical with safe ingredients and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Living in Denver, my skin is always dry and until I found ENAJ I always looked dehydrated and felt like I was aging prematurely. Now I feel like I’ve found my own personal “fountain of youth” my skin has a youthful luster again. And, for a woman in her late-fifties THIS is a great gift. 

Thank you again and keep bringing out new products!
— Geri, Denver, CO
 With a bent toward natural ingredients, Enaj products are cosmetically elegant and effective.  It is a pleasure to recommend them.
— Angela Hutcheson MD, Cosmetic Dermatologist
It gives me great pleasure to support the launching of ENAJ  products.  Another great cosmetic development by Jane Crawford.  I have known Jane for many years and had the privilege to teach many courses with her in cosmetic surgery and medical spas at national meetings.

Mrs. Crawford is a renowned world expert in the medical spa industry and knows the key ingredients to create successful integrated centers. She has spent many years in the research and development of the finest ingredients that make this line healthy and very safe for our patients and consumers in general. I applaud Jane on this new initiative and am confident it will be a huge success!
— Renato Saltz MD, Cosmetic Surgeon
It is rare that one finds a true expert in their field of knowledge, especially in the field of Esthetics where the public is swayed by the latest and greatest skin care the media has foisted by way of celebrity.

Finally, products that are food for the skin, Jane Crawford clinical skin care line will soon be available in the US and Canada. Renowned in the field of Clinical Esthetics, Jane Crawford understands the treatment of the skin and how products affect the body.  Her advice regarding one’s internal (diet) and how it affects one’s external (skin) provides amazing results due to the use of ingredients that are safe, natural and healthy for the mind and body.

Jane Crawford is finally launching a botanical skin care line in the US and Canada to provide exceptional products for all skin types. Without a doubt she will achieve great success because of her commitment in researching the finest and safest ingredients available.
Finally, someone’s listening.
— Deb Sofield
Jane Crawford knows what she is talking about.  She lives and breathes skin care and I celebrate the launch of her ENAJ products.  Jane is an expert in her field.  She combines her love for this industry, her knowledge of ingredients, her wealth of experience and her genuine love and care of her clients.  I applaud her as she rolls out a skin care line that everyone can experience success with. I entrust my colleagues and friends to Jane.  She is the real thing who speaks the truth about skin care.  You will not go wrong by using ENAJ products!
— Karen (KC) Hicks, Wellness Coach
I have known Jane Crawford for at least the past 15 years.  She is an outstanding medical esthetician and a leader and innovator in her field.  She started the first Medi-Spa in the United States of America.

Jane is soon to introduce a new line of outstanding skin care products which have been thoroughly researched and evaluated by she and her staff.  They are gluten-free and amazing anti-aging agents. I am looking forward to these products being introduced and will certainly introduce them to my esthetician immediately.
— Ferdinand P. Becker MD, FACS

Email: Jane@Janecrawford.com Phone: 864.630.4058

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