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Your Expert Guide to Peak Business Results


Are you finished searching for solutions to jumpstart or rejuvenate your business? Are you ready to go for the PEAK of your potential?

It’s time to shift into clear, confident, inspired action.

As the first Med-Spa owner in the United States, we’ve have learned from many experiences about making the right choices. You could spend years discovering what we've mastered. Or you could take a shortcut to the top of your game.

We've coached hundreds of  physicians and med spa owners to maximize the potential of their business. Phone coaching offers convenient, affordable access to deep industry insights you can apply now. Call Jane today for more information.



Jumpstart to Profit: Spot Fix & Rejuvenation Session


We’ll start with your vision & mission, focusing on one or more topics from your top-of-mind agenda:

• Creating a specialty niche in your area of expertise

• Competitive research

• Recruiting excellent people to support your mindset

• Operations: providing expert guidance to create effective business practices

• Growth strategies

• Customized Product mix & Service Menu

• Marketing: Creating targeted marketing strategy to attract more

   Ideal clients


  Call for quotes, 60 and 90 minute sessions


A highly focused, fast-action coaching and consulting session will help you cut through frustrations. You’ll come out with practical, detailed steps to take action so your business can THRIVE.


Staffing Solutions Session

An excellent, highly capable staff is your secret weapon to success. Get your own customized road map and create highly effective strategies to implement:

• Compensation

• Job descriptions

• Recruiting the right staff

• Staff development

• Training


60 minute session -

90 minute session -



Expert Med-Spa Guidance Package

Ongoing coaching sessions provide a comprehensive support system designed for growth and expert team-building. Highly customized to serve your needs.


Onsite Consulting

Onsite consulting is available as well.


Contact Jane today at 864-630-4058 for more information, or email jane@janecrawford.com


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